Dr. Opolot thank you for Hopters Mixed Farm

Hopters Mixed Farm in Pallisa County is a great example of economics that works, me thinks. Yes, one of our own, a son of Pallisa County, a civil servant, an agriculturalist, Dr. Nakalet Henry Opolot, saved up and/or mobilized capital and has invested in climate smart agricultural enterprises for the benefit of our community double-double.

There is scarcity of milk in Pallisa County as compared to the past, in the 1970s for example, when likely each household rared domestic animals and therefore produced their own milk for consumption. This is not the case anymore, because of:

  • Historical injustices yet to be reckoned with.
  • Slumitization of our villages’ in the name of modernisation
  • Negative effects of climate change.
  • Mal-economic policy.
  • Mal-agricultural policy.

For now, at a fee of only Shs 600 per cup, Hopters Mixed Farm provides a much needed and environmentally friendly door to door supply of milk. Every evening, my aunts look forward to the arrival of the friendly milkman. For them and many others of their generation, a cup of milk a day is their only daily source of animal protein. What a great service this is in terms of accessing nutritious food to those who need it the most.

And of course, Hopters Mixed Farm, is also providing much needed employment and skilling of people of our County.

Kudos to you Dr. Opolot, a great role model you are for us all.

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