This Easter holiday the bully resorted to terrorism by witchcraft

So, on Thursday, 6th April 2023, I was minding my business working on aspects of my PhD journey, when I hear loud bangs on the two gates that access my home and as well as the back widows to my house. Yes, it turns out that gundi oyo gwe mutegedde had come with three goons to terrorize me.

Of course, I did not open, but quickly called by older brother Fred Tukei, who came rushing to my rescue. By the time, about 10 minutes or so, when Fred arrived gundi had taken off, but Fred spotted gundi in the car he came in driving off. Fred confirmed from those whom we are providing charity to live in the boys’ quarters at our late papa’s home, which is at the back of mine, and confirmed that it was indeed gundi who was the terrorist.

Fred and I decided to report the matter to Kitooro Police Station and File SDREF: 13/06/04/2023 for the case of threatening violence was opened. Fred and I recorded statements and the investigation began.

Coincidentally, three days later, on Easter Sunday, I was going out to celebrate with my loved ones and as I went to open my garage door I noticed strange things on my driveway. A closer look revealed paraphernalia associated with witchcraft – things tied in banana fiber and enclosed in bark cloth.

I laughed, got a stick and pushed the stuff out of my driveway. As I did so, cowrie shells popped out, also often associated with witchcraft in that context. I couldn’t be bothered and went on my way to enjoy with loved ones.

On Easter Monday, again, as I tried to continue with things to do with my PhD journey, I hear a knock on my gate. I don’t answer, but this time it was the Police. A detective who had my number, called me and inquired if I was in. I confirmed I was. He asked me to go out because on one of my gates someone had tied witchcraft. So I went out and found similar paraphernalia as I had found in my driveway on Easter Sunday, but this time more than double the size and I assume quantity.

After taking photos of it, I agreed with the officer handling the investigation into threatening violence and decided to burn the rubbish. However, I saw not reason why not and so I followed the protocol that my neighbors shared with me of burning witchcraft paraphernalia.

My neighbour lent me a thousand shillings I bought paraffin at the nearby supply, splashed a handful of salt, and lit the match I had also borrowed from another neighbor and burnt the paraphernalia to ash. Then I went back and continued my PhD related work.

Imagine, my shock on Tuesday, 11th April 2023, found myself ambushed by the terrorist, together with people gundi defines as “supporters” attempting to rubbish the banging on my gates as friendly knocks on my gate because they wanted keys from me. Yes, I had been ill-advised to go to the higher Police authorities and that is where the ambush took place.

At that meeting which shouldn’t have taken place, they tried to make me discuss things to do with an on-going suit in which I have challenged the purported will of my late father which we were presented in a suspicious way and which I and the majority of the legitimate beneficiaries of papa’s estate contend was forged.

Anyways, that stunt of theirs did not work, because again I called Fred, and when he arrived I felt safe to unleash – Kakwenza style words on gundi. And the whole set-up unraveled.

Not to deviate from the point of this post, beyond documenting the incident. If this doesn’t baffle you nothing will. Gundi claims to be an educated person. The supporters of gundi also claim to be educated people and who are “believers”, as in “born-again Christians”.

But their silliness and nonsensical submissions during the ambush “meeting” are completely not of what is expected of an educated person and moreover who claims to be a believer and follower of Christian teachings. One such submission is that I went to the shrine I got the paraphernalia and tied it on my gate so I can blame gundi for it?! Sincerely, olemwa. Erai ido awumokit awumokit aloo!

Nevertheless, my prayer warriors you are on notice, pray, pray, pray, pray for me. As for me, I am, in addition, invoking double protection from the spirit of the Chief himself, now rested, who before Christianity came to Uganda, had a powerful spirit force of his own. Eeeeeeeh, victory is mine.

And oh yes, I believe that resorting to witchcraft means my legal teams are winning on the educated front as well. Thank you Okalang Law Chambers as well as V. Agaba Advocates & Legal Consultants.

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