US Government wishes better for Ugandans?

The United States Government Mission in Kampala tweeted on 21st February 2016, following Uganda’s presidential and parliamentary elections:

“Ugandan people deserved better.”

US Mission, Kampala

Which Ugandans, all Ugandans, really? And what constitutes better for Ugandans – the opinion of the US government over that of Ugandans? These are the questions that I posed on Twitter in reaction to the US Government’s tweet, as I presumed that they meant better than the current President of Uganda, His Excellency Yoweri Kagutta Museveni, who had just been declared winner.

President Yoweri Kagutta Musveni of Uganda (1986 to date)

Ralph Broonland responded on twitter:

“It’s opinion as a US … a democratic state which respects Human Rights and Freedom.”


To which I responded:

“Am a black African and I feel safer in Uganda than I do if I were in USA #BlackLivesMatter.”


My insinuation being that the human rights record of the US is not all that, when it comes to black people, such as I am, was lost on Ralph who responded:

“Well your opinion, their opinion. Win win right?”


How can it be a win win for a black African woman when leaders of a nation in which black people, some of African descent, are lynched further insult her ability to determine for herself what is good for her?

3 responses to “US Government wishes better for Ugandans?”

  1. Americans are very quick to open their mouths without engaging their brains. They think that they are best in everything without knowing that they are never at the top of the list on whatever measurement you want to choose except GDP. Vote Donald Trump – frightening.


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