Uganda and People ePDF


Ever wondered how Uganda came into being?

And ever wondered how a descendant of the first nations that occupied the territory now known as Uganda, prior to the formation of Uganda, a cultural anthropological perceives the people of Uganda?

If you ever wondered so, “Uganda & People” is for you.

If you never wondered so, but are interested to learn some about Uganda and its people, this is also for you.

Download the ePDF of “Uganda & People” free of charge through this link.

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5 thoughts on “Uganda and People ePDF”

  1. […] ‘Khosian-Ugandan’ and ‘African-Ugandan’ cultures are the endogenous knowledge of Uganda. This discussion, however, does not pretend expertise in the original culture of ‘Khosian-Ugandans’ nor of ‘African-Ugandans’. The emphasis of this discussion, is to simply insist that they existed. […]


  2. I’ve read and re-read this piece of yours and it’s indeed very informative.
    I appreciate that you’ve endevoured to document the presence of indigenous communities – the Batwa and others. Which are rapidly being phased out by mordenity. It’s sad that Uganda is no longer theirs…. Majority of us are Global westernised recaptives who know nothing about our heritage. So many sad thoughts coming to my mind but overall we need a re-education on who we are.


    1. Yes, Atuhaire. Most of us are just there recaptives just. And when I hear people in Uganda saying that we should re-name roads, rivers and lakes; but are not open to assessing how we, Ugandans, colluded in totally erasing our heritage it is totally mind boggling.


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