Uganda’s Disappearing Cultures ePDF

It is clear, that the Prime Minister Obote led Administration, consisting of ‘global-westernised-recaptive-Ugandans’, did not ensure that the best of the “rapid progress” and the best of the “age old customs of our forefathers” were equally preserved and factored into the design of the ‘new country’. In failing to fuse the two sets of knowledge, Uganda’s endogenous knowledge and the exogenous knowledge, that  of the English, into the character of the ‘new country’, right from day one, Uganda, the nation-state, is structurally designed to ethnocide ‘African-Ugandan’ culture and to sustain cultural imperialism.

Norah Owaraga

This extract is from the newly published short ePDF (15 minute read), “Uganda’s disappearing cultures,” which is available to download FREE OF CHARGE, through this link.

When you have read it, we welcome you to engage, through commenting on this post.

2 responses to “Uganda’s Disappearing Cultures ePDF”

  1. Thank you for this insight, Norah. I can certainly attest to the friendly nature of Ugandans!
    It saddens me that indigenous culture gets lost in the false belief that Western ways are better. I am also amazed to learn that English is the official first language on Uganda and that no First Nation languages are accounted as being ‘official’. My hope is that one day we will all come to understand that Western culture isn’t better. It doesn’t equate with progress and we have much more to learn by rediscovering the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors and the close knit communities they lived in.


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