Academic Papers Season

This morning, I Googled Hon. Singh Katongole. I was looking for information to prove a totally different point that I am making for a completely unrelated story. As I did my Google-search on him, I happened on a Daily Monitor story on him: “EX-MP SING KATONGOLE SCORES 13 POINTS IN UACE,” and it warmed by heart.

Hon. Sing Katongole (Photo credit Daily Monitor)

I wondered, why the hullabaloo now that certain candidates are being put through similar to what Hon. Katongole was put through? The prominent of course being the questioning of Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi’s (aka Bobi Wine’s) academic papers, by the notorious lawyer Male Mabirizi who alleges:

“Bobi Wine’s academic details available at the parliament website indicate that he was born in 1982 and sat A-level in 1998. This means that if he was born in 1982, he sat A-level at 16-years, O-level at 13-years and PLE at 9-years and started his educational journey at 2-years only which is peculiar.”  

Mr. Male Mabirizi

Back to the point of this post, the humility and positive attitude with which Hon. Katongole handled the situation that he found himself in gives him a basis to be accorded the title “HONORABLE”. Daily Monitor quoted him as having said:

“When I missed out on the opportunity to go to Parliament as a party flag bearer, I decided to go back to school. This thing haunted me and at first, I couldn’t understand what was happening but later I came to my senses and decided to enroll, just to prepare for 2021 elections. I want to go to Makerere University to study Political Science. I will then go back to my constituents of Rubaga North to ask for votes to in 2021.”

Hon. Sing Katongole

And true to his word, he has done, has made a come back and is making headlines, such as: “Return of the mark! Sing Katongole back into Kampala politics after victory in NRM CEC polls,” when he won a convincing victory this month in the internal elections of the ruling party.

Photo Credit: Daily Monitor


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