Call to protect & promote our indigenous food

Commenting on my analysis in which I used the changing composition of atap, the staple food of Iteso, the fifth largest first nation of Uganda, to demonstrate how Iteso food is being degraded readers of this website commented thus:

“Thanks for highlighting articulately the importance of indigenous foods in our diets. Socio-cultural change must be addressed more analytically to maintain the time proven resilience of societies facing new pressures like upcoming urbanisation. Am a concerned Agriculturalist.”

Otim Julis Gira

“Loved reading this piece on my favourite food. As a child, I remember the whole process of washing the millet used for making atap. My grand father was a chief for a long time and served in many parts of Teso, therefore, the quality of this particular food item was exemplary. Thanks for sharing.”

Christine Serutoke

“THIS is why I come here! Very insightful and, hopefully, useful for many more people than myself. Nnashukuru sana!”

Simon Kaheru

Join the conversation. What is your experience with changes in the food systems of your community versus so-called ‘modernisation’ and ‘development’?

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