Perspectives from Teso on Women’s land rights

Today, Friday, 30th July 2021, at 02:00 p.m. I will deliver a keynote address to set the stage for the second Teso Land Dialogue Series organised by Ateker Professionals’ Initiative for Development (APID).

The theme for today’s dialogue is:

“Women’s Land Rights from a Cultural Lens: Perspectives from Teso.”

The event will be hosted on Zoom and all are free to join in.

  • Meeting ID is: 896 1231 4200
  • Passcode is: 425345.

Participants include a distinguished panel constituted by Iteso professionals who are experts in varied fields.

If you are in the geographical area that receives the signal for Voice of Teso, tune into 88.4 FM and listen in live. Voice of Teso will also stream the event live on the their social media platforms.

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