Elders die, what then for Teso Knowledge?

These reflections were shared by Samuel Gilbert in comment to a previous post on nowaraga.com titiled: “Liberation in daily life.” He wrote:

“I once thought to myself, what will happen of us when our parents and grandparents pass on? Has anyone documented their knowledge on certain things pertaining our society and culture? being a born of Teso, herbs as medication were a thing then but is that information anywhere for us who shall be left behind? Do we know of those trees that we should treasure for medicinal purposes?

Teso is in north-eastern Uganda, a geographic that is claimed by the Iteso people, currently the fifth largest first nation of Uganda.

Food security was the thing back in the day, with the famous phrase ‘anyami engo orekon’ (do I eat at your home) that was commonly used by the Iteso. Not because the person was bragging. But because he knew behind him was enough food to take him through a given period of time and he trusted on the strength of his hands to till the land.

It’s upon such thoughts that I thought to myself, I hope one day I can interact with many elders and document these things. I hope someday I can start an initiative to bring back food security to Teso – encouraging every community to set up ‘edula’ (a granary) in their homesteads to always set aside something for times ahead.

I hope we can sit back and pick a leaf from our forefathers on their ways of life.”

I agree.

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