Mowzey’s Death & Uganda’s Healthcare System

Questions are valid to ask:

Moses Ssekibogo (aka Mowzey Radio) RIP @ The Independent

Would things have turned out different, if Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio had had access to a first class healthcare service shortly after he was beaten unconscious?

Would things have turned out different for him if it had not been necessary to transport him unconscious for longer distances and from where he was beaten, to Emmanuel Hospital in Entebbe, then to Nsambya Hospital in Kampla and then to Case Hospital in the other side of Kampala?

Kenneth Watom Akena (RIP)

These questions remain valid also for Kenneth Watom Akena (RIP), who was reportedly shot by Matthew Kanyamunyu.

And indeed these questions also remain valid for many other Ugandans, as well, who have lost their lives because they could not easily access healthcare services – geographically and economically.

In other parts of the world, seemingly, people mostly die, in spite of the healthcare system. That is to to say, they die in spite of receiving first class medical care. This means that they die because of the condition that afflicts them and not necessarily because they did not access healthcare services in a timely manner.

Sadly, in many incidences in Uganda, seemingly, people die because of the healthcare system. That is to say, they die of ailments which could have potentially been cured if they had received appropriate and timely healthcare.

Among such deaths are those that are related to physical injuries that require to be handled within intensive care units.

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